An Overview of GPS Fleet Management System

In this dog-eat-dog world, it’s very important to run the business as efficiently as possible. If you are the owner of a company, which uses vehicles to get the job done, then you may want to consider investing in fleet tracking system. It is a vehicle tracking system that plays a major role in improving business operations.

With fleet tracking system, you get additional pair of eyes and ears on all your vehicles, allowing you to know the work performance of your drivers when they are on their routes. You can easily track those drivers, who are driving too fast, making too stops or using your vehicle for their personal uses.
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Why Hire Attensa Software?

Attensa software is one-stop solution for intelligent GPS tracking and fleet management system. We work with our customers to create and operate well-organized fleet operations so that it can meet their specific requirements. Our services provide the benefits of real-time tracking, allowing business to measure the efficiency, service and overall performance of their drivers. Our tracking system is designed to make the fleet as simple and effective as possible. Whether you want to reduce your fuel costs, know where your drivers are or improve your customer services, you will be able to monitor all from your comfort zone. Besides, we also provide daily reports so that you can be 100% confident at all times.

What we provide?

-: Our services include :-

Vehicle Tracking One of the important features of our fleet management system is the ability to know the exact location of the vehicles. You can see vehicles and assets in real-time on maps, which allow you to assign the right asset to the right location.
Consignment TrackingIf you are sending a parcel or consignment by any means, shipment tracking is a factor that cannot be overlooked. Our consignment tracking feature allows you to know the status of your consignment right from the time it is sent to the time it is delivered. Being able to locate where the consignment is during transit, assures both sender and the receivers of its safety.
Route Scheduling Since our fleet management system is all about increasing effectiveness, reducing costs and maintaining excellent customer relationships, you can always be sure of that your drivers are taking the most efficient routes and not wasting fuel by speeding excessively.
Accident & Breakage ReportsIn case of any accidents or break down, our application also serves as a “black box” as it stores all the accurate information about the accident. This encourages all your drivers to act more responsibly on the road.
Vehicle Maintenance Our fleet management system also set times for your vehicles by time, miles or engine hours rapidly. In addition to that, it will send you alerts, reminding you of overdue or upcoming maintenance tasks.
Fuel ManagementPrecise reporting is the only key to manage fuel expenses. Hence, we provide fuel management solution that allows you monitor fuel expenses, which gives you control over everything.
Analytical ReportsWe also run reports to make it easy for you to view driver behavior of an individual, a group or your whole fleet. It serves as an indispensable component for your fleet management program.
Vehicle Summary ReportsWe provide summary reports including miles driven, hours worked, average speed and average distance. Also, a vehicle master showing you all the details of owner, vehicle nature, year of manufacturing, date of purchase, service records and many more.

How it will benefit you?

Apart from saving thousands of dollars, which is usually spent on vehicle’s fuel, Attensa’s fleet tracking system also contributes in:
  • Reducing Labor Costs
  • Reduce the constant risk of theft of expensive vehicles and assets
  • Boost Your Bottom Line by eliminating the Idling time
  • Cut off-hours or personal uses of vehicles
  • Ensures added security for vehicles and valuable assets
  • Improves Customer service
  • Increased operational efficiency