VOIP, also known as Voice Over Internet Protocol, is the phone system consisting of end-user
devices, gateways and the IP network. It allows business to use the full potential of broadband connections to perform basic and advanced telephony services. It is certainly one of the wonderful blessings for the business as it saves the valuable time of staff and save the money by reducing the number of phone lines required for regular business operations. This in turn, increasesw the productivity of business organizations and also enhances the customer service.

So, are you ready to take the plunge into a world with possibilities for virtual phone numbers?

Attensa Software is one of the leading VOIP services providers for more than four years now, offering multitude of different sized plans and services to the residential and small business markets. Our services not only meet the communication demands of the business but also reduce the cost of call transmission while providing bounteous productivity.

Our VOIP auto dialer system can be used in a variety of business and organizational environments. This includes:

  • Altering customers or clients to a sale or other special event
  • Providing urgent information to a pre-defined list of individuals
  • Marketing a new product or service
  • Raising political awareness by notifying public about an issue or a candidate
  • Informing group members about any change in a planned event
How it provides compelling benefits to the business?

Save on Telecommunication Costs A VOIP dialer system only needs a single network for voice and data. This means business can effectively reduce maintenance and implementation overhead cost.
Greater Accessibility and MobilityOur system ensures better communication as some systems have automatic data connection link with the office staff. This allows the individuals to record, monitor assets and prevent the risk of losing vital documents.
VOIP dialer system offer useful configurations that help you turn written emails into voicemail messages, forward faxes or even voicemails to an email inbox. Besides, messages of all types can also be managed from a single platform.
Improve Productivity VOIP phone systems may also help business bump up productivity by as much as four hours per employee each week. This may attributed to less time being wasted managing calls because of the availability of convenient features and configurations.
Though VOIP systems offer a tremendous amount of flexibility, additional features
and streamlined features, hiring a genuine is extremely essential to get the most.

Hire Attensa Software today to get!

  • Outstanding and Cost effective Solution
  • High Quality Services
  • Network Security
  • Efficient handling of calls with feature-rich technology
  • Guaranteed resilience and reliability in the routing of all calls
  • Access to a broad range of technologies, at a competitive price
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